Agricultural Machinery

This machine is made of armored materials of high evolution, high quality and resistance (35t.) this machine navigates through remote control or GPS. The mobility and function is guided through modern hydraulic. The machine is easy to transport, moves quickly and agile and has further more important features:

1.The machine is able to clear impassable streets from scree, detritus, stones and barriers, to pick it up inside and to shred. Through an appliance at the back of the machine the detritus will be even and added  to the street (as well as ways, passages, trenches…) again.


2. When you drive the machine, the front of it is able in carve 30cm into the earth, with a wide of 2,5m, to take up earth. The speed is 1500 meter per hour. The machine has a length of 5,5m and a width of 2,2m and a height of 2,2m.

 3. The machine is able to bring stray bombs or personal mines to explode either outside or inside of the casing of the machine and at the same time to shred them. The detritus results crushed with the rest of scree, detritus and stones (as described).

4. A special attribute of the machine is that it can be used when stationary. The machine can be brought into an upright position. When filling it from above with scree, detritus and stones the machine works as a stone crusher. This means that the machine can be used in situe for mining operations. Rocks and boulders are processed into gravel. This method is economically and saves time. 

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