The Moon - sickle

The moon represents a sickle, as extraordinary as it is the biggest of its kind in the world.

The project has a caliber of 25 meters and height of 12 meters. When looking at it from behind, one can see water fountains, which flow from the sickle to the ground in a circle. The arched fountains are combined and complete the moon.

When looking at it from the front, one can see a huge pillar in the middle, formed out of diaphragmatic glass pillars, filled with Cristal-clear liquid. In the liquid are few bubbles flowing upwards. This pillar functions as the hand of the clock, which shows the minutes and the hours.

On the sickle are, organized in a hemicycle, the digits starting with 1:00 clock and ending with 12:59 clock. The gaps between the digits are divided in short and long bars. The distance between the bars is 15 minutes. The hand of the clock moves clockwise and at 12:59 it falls back and exactly at 1:00 o’clock, it starts moving again and shows the time. On the picture the time is 5:30 clock. The sickle’s material is high-class and high-quality steel. The mosaic is high-class ceramic. The moon-clock is removed by satellite. Even during a power breakdown, the clock runs perfectly on time.

In the Islamic world, the moon has a special meaning; it shows the start of time and every single month. Also the Islamic world has placed the sickle on the highest tower of the mosque. This symbol differentiates the mosque from other confessions and religions. The sickle-moon points straight to Makkah. Enclosed is the DVD with the animation of the whole project, please look carefully at the movement of the hand of the clock. Every spectator would be exalted of its gigantic being, especially at night. It will always remain in your memory.This project is protected by the German patent office…

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