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Parking System

Due to the increase of population density, a problem of traffic volume on the roads and the related parking problems are rising.

 The long search for parking spots is connected to increased exhaust fumes and stress. At the same time free surface could be kept free for pedestrians and playing children to avoid accidents.

The new parking system is a developed invention which will solve all these problems:


  1. Less parking area – 16 vehicles instead of one on the same parking space
  2. No more stress looking for a parking spot
  3. Economical for drivers
  4. Vehicles are perfectly protected and assured (against bad weather conditions, theft, damages and accidents)

The new parking system can bright up the surrounding, by attaching glass walls, lightning’s, LED advertisement and screens. Our parking system carries a guarantee of 20 years for material and Two year for electronics ( Made in Germany).

Our cooperation with our partners in China strongly supports the advanced solutions for our environment.

The nature does not need the human, but the human needs the nature!

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